Wednesday, 30 November 2016

What a Box of Pizza does to you

Like Pizza?

The Pizza is a legendary delicacy with its origin spanning half a millennium (early 1500s), touted to be the remarkable invention of the Neopolitans in ancient Naples (Italy), the Pizza has very quickly become the  number one hand held food in modern Society dislodging the once famed Burger from top spot.
So popular has Pizza become that it is easily regarded as one of the basic food groups, enjoyed by virtually all, I'm talking Scientists, Engineers, Doctors and even Kings & Queens! The famous Margherita Pizza is famed to be the invention of a pizzaoili Raffaele Esposito who made a pizza on the request of the King and Queen of Italy in the early 19th century, The Queen enjoyed the delicacy so much she sent him a "Thank you" note, this made Esposito so delighted he decided to name that variety after the Queen.

Why the history lessons you might ask?

I simply wish to provide a preliminary knowledge of the rise of pizza over the past centuries and why it has become a source of addiction to many, as i stated earlier, Pizza is practically regarded as one of the basic food groups nowadays, some even compare it to being a staple meal owing to the fact that it can be filling and you just can never get enough of it.
Ultimately this correlates to the average pizza lover investing huge amounts of money to satisfy an insatiable craving for a snack that invariably does more harm than good to the body.

lets bring it home to Nigeria. Pizza penetrated the Nigerian econosphere sometime around 2012 heralded by Pizza Giants Dominos, and enjoyed enormous acceptance by the general public.
Fast forward a couple of years to present day and it is safe to say that the Pizza-Effect has taken a hold on the larger urban proportion of the countrys' populace, There's a pizza shop at every mall or hang out spot in the country with franchises like Dominos and Debonaire actively spreading the pizza gospel to every location possible.

The increased popularity of pizza has not come without its underlying root cause, which is simply the unstoppable desire for the food by die hard pizza lovers. Considering that the average pizza meal doesn't come cheap, especially in an economy like Nigeria's, one pauses to think, If the love for the meal doesn't only pose a health risk to its adherent fans, but also a form of economic risk as well.

Take for instance a box of pizza goes for around N3,000, and the average pizza lover consumes two boxes in a week, that roughly translates to N24,000 spent in a month on your favorite food craving. in one year you would have invested N288,000 to the growth of the pizza industry.

While that in itself isn't such a bad thing as everyone can be found guilty of splurging excessively on one area of self indulgence or the other, i find this to be an act of passively investing in a non profitable venture whereas same monies can be actively invested in more profitable pursuits.

So you might ask yourself, what could N280,000 possibly do that could be so profitable? 

well I'll tell you what, N280,000 could set you on your way to becoming a Landlord even in this shrunken economy that's for sure. 

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