Monday, 31 October 2016


 When I was younger, I used to spend hours watching documentaries of the wealthiest billionaires in global Business. I would often spend ample time racking my brains trying to figure out how these guys amassed such astronomical wealth over a short period of time.

My insatiable desire to solve this puzzling quagmire drove me on a fact finding mission to discover the hidden truths behind the wealthiest businessmen of our time. One is tempted to take the lazy route and nest on the perception of fraudulent activities to explain the enormous wealth of some of these big wigs raking in massive cheese on a daily basis.

However, if you determine to seek insight and find facts to explain the phenomenon of supersonic wealth, you would discover the obvious tricks used by the elite which is practically hidden in plain sight.

So what is this obvious trick you might ask?

Some of the biggest revenue streams of the billionaires that we read about on Forbes and the likes are acquired by investments… plain and simple!

If I may rephrase, I would rather say WISE INVESTMENTS.

The rich understand how to work. It’s all about working SMART and not necessarily working HARD. The poor are perennially driven by the mindset of working till their heart stops in order to provide for self and family, this is significant to working HARD, which often involves giving large proportions of your time to fulfilling job tasks and obligations only to end up unappreciated by your superiors and taking home a monthly pay that practically doesn’t take you home.

Every man can put in work; the question is HOW ARE YOU WORKING? 

Are you a HARD worker or a SMART worker?
Now, someone might ask…

What kind of Investment can make me rich??

Fundamental economic principles dictate that investments are made for one single purpose, DIVIDEND. A dividend in lay man terms simply refers to Profits that accrue to you for putting your money into a business venture or idea. Such monies are largely referred to as passive income.
Now to answer your question; What kind of investment can make you rich?
Well, the answer is relative, there are several types of investments you can venture in and make money from, however some investments promise far more returns than others. Having a good eye to spot the right kind of investment is key.

Forex, Insurance, Fixed bank deposits and Shares are just some investment types that people generally go into in an attempt to multiply their funds, amidst some other non-genuine Ponzi schemes that are guaranteed to leave your fingers burnt should you the make the mistake of dabbling into.
I will attempt to break down the pros and cons of the above investment types in a nutshell for better understanding of the bigger picture.

While Forex (Foreign Exchange- the trading of foreign currencies) possesses infinite possibilities and has shown to be a very profitable type of investment, the volatility of the business poses a great risk to investors. One day fortune is smiling on you and you record a 250% profit on your trade the next you are getting over confident and losing your entire capital in one swoop.
Trust me; I have seen the strongest men melt to their knees in tears after losing tremendously on forex trading. Therefore, my opinion is that forex is a good investment. Although certainly not something I would introduce my mother to trying to put her pension into good use. The reason is simple, as fantastic as the chances are, the inherent risks far outweigh the benefits, hence, I would rather you not tempt fate with your hard earned savings here.

What about Insurance and Fixed Bank Deposits some might ask?
They’re fantastic in my opinion, if you are looking at doubling your initial investments in 10 years that is. Take for example a bank gives you an interest rate of 12% per annum on your fixed deposit (which is the best you can get really) and you made a deposit of N500,000 into a fixed account. You will earn N60,000 at the end of the year on your initial deposit and at the interest rate of 12% it will take you 8 YEARS to earn a 100%(N500,000) return on your fixed deposit.
Insurance and pension schemes look a great deal on paper, but you would agree with me that sometimes it could be easier to have a camel pass through the eye of a needle than to access your gratuity at urgent times when they are desperately needed.

Shares are also a good means of investment, your money grows steadily over a period of time albeit a little slowly (between 5-7% annually) it gets up to 10% if the company is doing really well. However, dividends derived from Share capital are not always consistent. Some companies prefer not to release dividends in the bid to re-invest its capital gain in order to record more growth, other times companies might decide to stop paying dividends depending on the economic situation at the time or if the business is going through a difficult spell at the moment.

From my little analysis of the small sample size of possible investments listed above, one thing stands common.
Though these investments portray good returns, they often have downsides, in other words risks that could leave you losing out and having your money gone up in smoke if care is not taken.


A wise investment is one that holds a certain promise of at least 300% rise in value over a short period and yet poses little or no risk to the investor.
An investment that can triple your initial sum in 3 years and gives you allowance to cash in should you please without having to go through the menace of legal documents, court orders and rude correspondence. I am talking about an investment that you can count on in times of urgent need to save you without having to beg or bribe anyone.
From the moment of investment, the only direction it takes is upwards. Investors smile sheepishly when they decide to cash in and most times end up re-investing again to further grow their net worth.
I’m sure at this point you’re dying to know what this holy grail of investments could be…

It’s simple, REAL ESTATE!!!

Let me give you a quick analysis to broaden your understanding
A plot of land cost Mr XYZ N200,000 as at the time of purchase. He received his deed of assignment, Survey document and Universal C of O (Certificate of occupancy) after due processing by his vendor. Three (3) years later the value of his plot of land appreciated to the N1.2M as a result of considerable development to the estate where he bought his land.
Unfortunately, Mr XYZ lost his job, a totally unexpected development and ends up cash strapped considering his job was his main source of income. He has tons of bills to pay and looks to be in a helpless situation. Then he remembers he has a piece of land he purchased a few years ago and decides to put it up for sale(at the current land value).
He makes an additional 1 million naira on his initial investment of N200,000 (600% dividend) and can now pay his bills and has enough to set up a modest business centre to help him earn some steady income while he gets back on his feet.

This ladies and gentlemen is wise investment. The wealthiest businessmen understand that currency is not the true measure of wealth as currency can lose value at any point in time. The true measure of a man’s wealth is his Assets.

Join the Elite league today, make wise investments and watch your worth grow exponentially in no time.

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Kareem was on a roll; he had just gotten a promotion at the office and got his salary reviewed up to 6 figures. He had a nice car and loving fiancĂ© to match his good fortunes and  was looking to own a home now that his pay grade could afford it.

In stepped Debo, his real estate agent friend who introduced him to an estate selling virgin land at a remarkably affordable price, with documentation promised in record time. Kareem fell in love with the idea; cheap land, fast allocation, what’s not to love right?
He parted with an outright sum and got his allocation within a month. Full of excitement he mobilized materials to site and started construction on what was supposed to be the perfect home for him and his now expectant wife.

However, the story took a sour turn 24 months into the building project, it turned out the land sold to kareem and hundreds of other unsuspecting buyers were under government acquisition and the estate vendors had deliberately sold out the lands knowing the eventual outcome.

Kareem lost his land and house without a single compensation from the government or estate company he invested in.


First of all, buying a cheap land is a great thing as far as the buyer’s pocket is concerned, However, wisdom dictates that lands that appear ridiculously cheap and promise immediate allocation and documentation should be viewed with utmost caution.

Secondly, only invest in estates that are transparent and honest in their dealings. This is because many lands being sold to unsuspecting buyers are often disputed land and constitute a headache for clients who regularly face stern opposition to developing land they paid for. Your estate developer owes it to you to present you with conflict free land which is what you deserve.

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